Free online toolkit

Implement your own Stroke Ready workshop by using the guides and tools below!

Check below for more posters and other materials!

Set-Up Guide

Use the Stroke Ready Setup Guide to learn how to implement stroke preparedness workshops and best practices.

Intervention Guide

The Brief Intervention Guide serves as your script for presenting the brief stroke preparedness intervention. 
Best when used with the brochure.


The Stroke Ready Action Plan is the perfect tool to make the pledge to yourself and those you care about that you will act fast when seeing any sign of stroke.

Action Plan

The Stroke Ready brochure is an easy to read stroke preparedness educational tool and is best used with the Intervention Guide.

Why don't people call 911?

Use this guide to help your participants identify strategies to overcome the barriers to calling 911.

Frequently Asked Questions

Participants often have questions about stroke and what Stroke Ready is all about. This guide provides common questions asked and responses you can provide.

Knowledge Check

Check your Stroke Ready knowledge by taking this quiz.

Certificate of Completion

Use this certificate to celebrate successful completion of the Stroke Ready workshop!

For more information about stroke, check out the American Heart Association's website by clicking below.

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