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1. Attend a FREE workshop

2. Host a workshop

3. Donate to support our program

Want to help Flint get Stroke Ready?

 We are looking for:

  • Local organizations interested in hosting a free workshop(s)

  • Members of the community who are interested in attending a free workshop to learn how they can become Stroke Ready! 

Host a workshop and expect...

  • A FREE educational session delivered by a trained peer health educator

  • Stroke ready workbooks for all attendees

  • A Stroke Ready Action Plan

  • An interactive demonstration of what stroke is and how TPA works

  • An educational music video reviewing key workshop messages

  • Interactive activities that allow participants to work through stroke sign recognition and the decision to call 911 (*this is guaranteed in the 60-minute session only)

You have options!


60 Minute Workshop

This workshop gives participants educational materials and an interactive experience that provides the opportunity for them to practice stroke preparedness skills.  The skills taught in the 60 minute session strongly reinforces self-efficacy to help build confidence to act FAST when they see signs of stroke!

30 Minute Workshop

Don't have time for a full hour? No problem! The 30-minute session is a great option for hosting during lunch breaks at your place of work, or as an add-on to any program your organization may be hosting.  This option provides Stroke Ready's educational material that is included in the 60-minute version, with select interactive activities.

15 Minute Workshop

The 15-minute session is perfect before or after your groups weekly or monthly meetings, bible studies or practices. Your participants will learn how to recognize signs of stroke and why it is so important to seek treatment.  

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Have an event or health fair coming up?


We have an educational option for that too! 

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